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Quality first; world famous for their partition and ballistic tip bullets, Nosler manufactures premium ammunition, bullets, brass and semi-custom rifles for the hunting & sporting enthusiasts

SABRE is the world's largest pepper spray manufacturer and provides police-strength protection to civil consumers, law enforcement, and military agencies across the globe.

premium Knife sharpeners, knives, multi tools and accessories for the hunting & fishing, tactical, and outdoor markets.




Heat-mitigating & wire-management weapon accessories used throughout militaries and law enforcement agencies world wide. NSN certified.

Reptilia™ stands at the forefront of innovation in the tactical equipment industry, dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions that redefine performance, aesthetics, functionality and reliability. As a leader in advanced accessories and equipment for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications, Reptilia™ is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation..


Advanced weapons components;

Lancer products are currently in use by many of the world’s elite military units, government agencies, and top-level competitive sports across multiple disciplines..




Built for those who serve , and built to last. Tactical military sleeping-bags, tents, packs, multi-purpose ponchos and outdoor gear.

Industrial strength bungee cords, straps and tie- downs come in recreational, military and commercial grade that allow you to Securely strap and transport vehicles, buggies, snow mobiles and more

load 30 rounds in less than 30 seconds with MAGPUMP'S Operative Hopper-fed MAGAZINE loader; The easiest and quickest way to load magazines.


webley & scott


Outfitters for HUmmelshain Safaris.

(Namibia, Africa).


Self-fusing, multi purpose wrap that can be used to protect, insulate and/or absorb shock, add grip, increase efficiency, repair damage and more. without the need for additional adhesives, chemicals, or heat.

Webley & Scott is one of the oldest names in the gun industry with almost two centuries of production of some of the most famous firearms the world has ever seen - the Webley revolver, shotguns, and Webley rifles.

About us

RSI International Business Development is an American, veteran-owned agency based in Germany. for over 25 years we have professionally represented and developed business for American Manufacturers in the European hunting, shooting sports and tactical markets.



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